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Blogs to optimise search results


Published on Nov 9, 2018

A blog is an online page where writers or a group of writers express their opinions, ideas, and thoughts to provide information or tips on a related field. Blogs often used to introduce readers to the specific field that the business is involved; a blog allows potential clients to familiarize themselves with the idea of a company in relation to their industry. This can be a series or a one-off post and is maintained and in some cases updated regularly.

A blog is also used to reflect your company’s value and brand so as to project yourself as the thought leader in the area your business operates in. When prospective customers search for your trade or profession, you want to be at the top of the results in order to show them that you are the most reliable and professional name in your field.

A company blog is a terrific vehicle for introducing your brand and organisation. Be conversational, tell the readers about your products and services and tell them what distinguishes you from the competition. However, make sure that the blog does not sound like a sales pitch. It is essential that a blog remains informative and gives the reader chance to know and understand things about you, your brand and the industry you belong to.

Your experience and expertise can be best demonstrated through a blog and this will help you to build a reputation and establish yourself as a respected thought leader of the industry. Beyond showing your company’s expertise, you can provide timely information on industry trends. As a service to your visitors, summarize the latest news and don’t hesitate to link them to relevant articles. Though you are sending them away from your site, visitors will remember you as a fair player and for the valuable service you provided.

Passionate articles about topical wisdom can make a business feel more enthusiastic and approachable. It also gives a human face to your business persona. While writing the blog you can use keywords that augment with the SEO requirement and helps to optimise your website.

Allow readers to leave their thoughts and feedback. Later when you review the data for the blogs, analyse and determine which topics garnered more visits. Understand what people want to read about. Also, you can find out how the blog helped to convert visitors and the influence it is leaving on brand exposure, company’s value and ultimately the profit margins.

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