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Enterprise Application Software–also called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software–is large-scale software that provides mission critical solutions to an entire organization with a variety of user roles and actions. It increases the efficiency and productivity of the entire company providing simultaneous information and access to data allowing faster analysis and decision-making.

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Good software can make or break a business. BinaryFolks is a full-spectrum enterprise software development company focussed on building software based on your company’s challenges and goals. We develop enterprise applications keeping your business priorities in mind and opt for technology and architecture that emphasizes scalability, performance, and security, at the same time, making it cost effective.

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The need for fast technology and faster innovation

We live, and do business, in a world where everything evolves at an ever-faster pace. To keep up, organizations have to become agile and accelerate their growth capabilities to fulfill their clients’ current needs, as well as to be able to anticipate and innovate to meet the future expectations.

An enterprise solution that grows with your business

The solutions we design for your organization answer your specific needs, no more and no less. Because all our solutions are custom made on the cloud (we don’t have off the shelves products and services), we deliver a solution to your exact requirements without risks to be limited in the future as our solutions are fully scalable.

Embedded Common Security Services Layer

Does your platform need security? Do want to facilitate rapid and consistent deployment of security on your platform? We can help design, develop and implement a tailored common security services layer that all applications running on your specific platform can access.

Maintance and Support

Ensure that your product meets the changing market standards with reliable product maintenance and support services. We enable project success while considering details crucial to project implementation.


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