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Starting to draw up your email marketing strategy for 2021? Great timing!

Email marketing is an effective online advertising resource that is widely used for its versatility, low costs, and excellent benefits and there are lots of powerful tools and special computer services that improve the performance of the campaign.

Powerful features, minimum effort


Turn your customers into advocates. Follow a nurture-based strategy to get your prospect’s attention.


Leverage automation to develop a campaign that fits with your brand and acts according to your prospect behavior.


Get access to on-demand generated B2B database – a dream come true for any lead generation campaign.


Design beautiful campaigns

Smart segmentation

Send Time Optimization

Real-time reports

Do more with Automation

Consistently improve with testing


Cap Notification Frequency

Avoid flooding your users’ inbox with multiple emails. Just specify an upper limit for a time frame and a time gap, and we’ll queue the additional ones accordingly.

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Specify Do Not Disturb Hours

Avoid disturbing users no matter which time zone they’re located in. Simply set-up the DND hours, we’ll queue emails to be delivered when the time is right.

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Create Many Types of Campaigns

Automate triggered campaigns, set-up recurring campaigns, send critical transactional campaigns or simply send a one-time notification.

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Test Before Launch

Avoid errors by testing the different variations of your campaign with real user information for an actual preview before the email is delivered to your users.

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Leverage Dynamic Templating

Give personalization a new depth by leveraging the power of templating in every campaign you create. Create smarter emails for higher impact.

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Get User-level Insights

Analyze delivery, engagement, conversion and other metrics for each user targeted by a campaign. Download user details for further analysis and retargeting.

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