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Email Marketing

Email marketing


Published on Nov 9, 2018

Email marketing is vital to keeping up with your competition and engaging your audience further in the customer lifecycle. Marketing activities such as personalization, loyalty programs, and re- engagement email programs are vital to your email marketing strategy. Whilst SEO, PPC, social media, and advertising may contribute to getting your customer into the top of your sales funnel, it is essentially your email marketers that keep them there, increase repeat purchase and increase customer-brand engagement.

Optimizing emails for mobile had the highest increase showing adoption of this technique is becoming increasingly popular and important for retention, user experience and engagement on mobile devices for quicker and more convenient consumption of content.

Email marketing must compliment with organic (SEO) and paid search (PPC), it can drive a higher volume of sales and is important for customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. It is essential to understand that email marketing is the most efficient channel when it’s done in an appropriate way.

Spamming is ugly and will dent your reputation. Email marketing messages needs to bring value. Hence, doing good email marketing is critical. Nevertheless, we know that the recipe for success will not change, to name a few:

  • Key ingredient is a qualified lead generation process.
  • A well thought recipient segmentation.
  • A well designed relevant message.
  • Responsive email newsletter templates.
  • Efficiency of a well-chosen email marketing strategy.

A mail-able 'microsite' is an interactive email, which allows the user to interact with the email interface within the inbox. The adoption of this technique will help retain customers and give a more engaging approach to content. Interactive emails keep the inbox interesting and unique.

Interactive email can include things like forms or surveys that do not redirect to another page. GIFs, videos, and image in the email will make it appealing. The customer may want to share the information in the email with friends, relatives or on social media; therefore having buttons or icons that facilitate sharing is most desirable. Interactive email essentially hands your audience everything they need on a plate - with minimal effort for them. They do not need to divert out of the inbox to view content, interact with video or complete surveys - making it more likely they will interact due to less effort needed to complete a task.

The tone you chose to use in your emails affects the way your customers will respond. A conversational tone may not be the best tone to use across all sectors, but it does give a more personal and genuine interaction between the customer and brand. Whereas a more formal approach may be better for B2B sectors, asking questions and starting a conversation with your audience is important for engagement. It will feel more personal show that the content you have produced has had them in mind, feeding their needs for answers, content, products etc.

Email marketing must be carefully done Things to remember while using email marketing strategy:

  1. Processing of data is done lawfully and fairly,
  2. Data is collected for explicit legitimate purposes
  3. Making sure the data is adequate, accurate, and
  4. Retained for only as long as necessary.
  5. Processed in a manner that maintains the integrity and confidentiality of the personal data.

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