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Conversion and Optimisation

How to build an impressive website?


Published on Nov 9, 2018

If you are a big company or a well-known brand then it can be easily expected that visitors will spend time on your site. However, a lesser brand or a small company can only make an impression within few seconds of the visitor landing on the page. Visitors judge your website in that few seconds, so, the timeframe is very thin and you got to attract the visitors within that tight timeframe. There are few things that you can do to get your website to impress a first time visitor or make it good enough for the visitor to revisit.

  1. First impressions:
    Minimalistic design without cluttered or confusing layout can be visibly welcoming. Rather than using templates that are available online, custom designed websites are more appealing.
    To make a good impression, ensure there are no spelling mistakes, typographical errors, and spacing or alignment issues. Avoid asking people to share contact details or sign up for alerts or newsletters on the home page.
  2. The symbolism:
    Symbolic way to represent your company and brand is use of Favicon and Logo. No usage of pop-ups defines symbolically the smooth way in which you wish to conduct your business.
    Colours play a psychological role hence choice of colour used on the webpage is critical. Brands have a certain colour associated with them. ‘Red’ for Coke and ‘Blue’ for ‘Pepsi’ are examples. At the same time, too much colourful page will be look distasteful and cause distraction. Combined with this a consistent style of each page and layout will make it easy for the visitor.
  3. The site structure:
    A balanced mix of text and graphics must be used to convey information in a concise and effective manner. Easy navigation and clear pathways demonstrate well drafted and clearly defined map of the site. The home page is like the front page of a newspaper, just like headlines, the core products or services of your company should occupy that space. Restrict amount of information you display on the homepage and just highlight details like logo, tagline, services offered and USP.
    Any kind of auto play video or audio elements on the home page is big NO. You may use them on the inside pages of the website. Add a sitemap in the footer and site-search option at the top of the page. Provide a glimpse at the bottom of the page to the user that there is something below too, so that the visitor scrolls down and views the remaining content. Add visual cues to encourage scrolling.
  4. The nitty-gritty:
    As much as possible use customised pictures or graphics. Stock image or downloaded image from the internet will dent your brand reputation. Use action buttons and test different locations and positions to determine what works best for your website, like having always main heading and text towards top left corner and call to action towards bottom right. A visitor may come to the landing page directly, ensure that the landing page contains all the information that the visitor was looking.
    Physical addresses, contact number and tech support details should be clearly visible on contact us page. Visitor may want to recommend your product to a friend or a relative, hence provide icons that allow the page to be shared to the social media. Use “About Us� page to introduce mission, values and vision so that the visitors get to know more about your company. Having a FAQ section would be a great idea.
  5. Smooth exit:
    The checkout process ought to include minimum steps and concise forms. Keep the purchase process simple. Displaying all the items in the cart enables to add or remove items as per the visitor’s budget. Other call to action points like feedback form, sign-up for emails or newsletters, must be strategically placed without causing hindrance or annoyance.
    Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, contract details, shipping policy, return policy, etc. should be transparent and clearly mentioned on your website. Display testimonials from past customers and place them at the right location. Secure your checkout pages and display security icons/signs on them to induce trust in the buyer.

In conclusion, we can say that the website that is subtle and organised with to-the-point details will help you attract visitors and increase your conversion rates.

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