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Published on Nov 9, 2018

Social media is growing at rapid pace and there are new social media channels added regularly. Billions of people all over the world are signed up for one or the other social media channel. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Instagram, and Pinterest are some of the currently most popular service providers. In addition to this there are other smaller channels as well.

Your business hence needs a social media presence to make use of the opportunities to reach people and get them converted.

Here are some of things that can help you strategize your social media presence:

Start big:

With billions of users interacting on social platforms daily, social media has become the new-wave word of mouth. You can also use social media platforms to align yourself with strong influencers in the social scene. Partnering up with these people could help you to establish exactly where your company fits—which niche markets do you best relate to, connect with, and serve?

Partnering up with influencers can also help you to establish and expand your customer base. You can also use organic social media content to build rapport with customers and further establish your identity as a trustworthy company.

You can create campaigns and target specific demographics. Your business can run posts on its own social pages. You can also see which influencers might be willing to run some paid content for you. Likewise, you can also look into running boosted posts on major platforms.

Specific goals:

First marketing strategy would be to increase brand awareness. This aligns with your company’s goal of establishing a brand identity and starting to build a customer base. A second would be toboost brand engagement. This is going to help you to attract and retain new customers, while also continuing to build that brand identity. Third, your company will want to research and learn about its customers and social media users. This is going to help you understand what your customers like, what products are best going to serve their needs, and exactly how you can reach them.

Engaging and monitoring:

Thankfully, each platform is now a search engine, in and of itself, making it easy to find threads and discussions for particular products and services. Work to create a list of your top platforms—the ones that have the biggest pool of potential customers for your brand. Build a profile for yourself on these platforms that are engaging and most importantly, aligns with your brand’s identity.

Then start actively engaging with users on the site. Join in on consumer discussions and threads. Consciously contribute, while making sure that you aren’t just pushing ads and marketing gimmicks onto users. This is your chance to build your reputation and rapport with consumers. Now, you can start building brand engagement and establishing your customer base.

By increasing your customer engagement on these platforms, you’re going to get more insight into how your customers think and exactly what products and services they want. This, coupled with consistent analytics, is going to help your business with new product launches.


Now you’ve that you’ve built your foundation, it’s time to start analysing your performance. Analytic software tools, such as Google Analytics will enable you to assess and check how the strategy is working, and will show where exactly and how it is impacting. These tools can also track customer leads, conversion rates, and traffic being generated from your platforms. They will be the same ones that guide your company in terms of utilizing paid versus organic social media, as well as creating product launch campaigns. But most importantly, analytics are what’s going to help your company adjust and adapt its social media strategy as you grow and evolve.

When you are ready with the above things, you can start to adjust your delivery and content to fit platform specific trends and build rapport with your consumers. And finally, remember to analyse and adjust. Social media is never going to stop evolving. Your strategy shouldn’t either.

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