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Published on Nov 9, 2018

Social media has very deep penetration and is an excellent medium to run a campaign and communicate with a large section of potential customers.

The latest marketing tool, Social Media, allows brands to reach large section of potential customers. Businesses can converse, celebrate, and chat, just like friends. Social media is a powerful tool for companies to make more and more people aware of their business and extend the reach easily. Social Media Marketing can also increase the efficacy of other marketing techniques – including SEO and SEM

Just like everything in the world of technology, Social media is constantly changing and hence what worked the last time may not necessarily work this time. So there is a need to keep constantly evolving. Here are some tips that can help while designing a social media campaign.

  1. Objectives and targets:
    It is very vital that you have clear objectives about what you wish to achieve through the social media marketing. If you are setting up the campaign for the first time, then you may want to concentrate more on the aspect of giving an exposure to your brand and business. This intent will target all audiences as you want everybody who comes across the campaign to take notice.
    If you already have a social media presence and posting about a product then you will have to keep in consideration the audience to whom the product can best cater to. Target should be an established indicator to determine the achievement of your objectives.
  2. Timing and schedule:
    People getting online the social media have typical timings. It is best to get your campaign posted when you think maximum number of people would be online. Design the campaign to suit the target audience, Age, gender, geo location and profession of people to kept in mind and time the campaign accordingly.
    Maintain a schedule and adhere to it, this way your customers know when to expect an announcement. Also, keeping schedule will ensure that your brand and business is still on the minds of the people else there is a chance that your brand or product is forgotten and you may have to rebuild the branding. Social media is the right place; you will have to ensure that you are there at the right time.
  3. Business goals and beyond:
    Main objective of the campaign is to increase conversion rates however that should not come across as the sole objective of your campaign. Have a secondary objective. In addition to promoting your business include information about the industry you are operating in, things that are trending, technology or marketing strategies that are evolving and other interesting trivia that will make an interesting reading.
    This way, you can show your customers that you are really giving them value added services along with being a trust worthy brand and are not inclined only on increasing profit margins through your social media presence. Simply put, go beyond your business goals and show customers that you really care.
  4. Engagement and feedback:
    Customer engagement is the key to long-term business success. Gather customer and employee feedback to keep your eye on the prize of engaging customers to drive increased revenue and customer retention. Important it is to gather your customers’ complaints, compliments, and queries. You know that such feedback is your treasure map to more fully engaged customers. Now, you should be ready to make customer feedback the principle driver of your business decisions.
    Positive customer interactions build an emotional connection with a brand. And these emotions influence buying decisions. The customers who are most emotionally engaged with a brand will spend more and spread the word. When you treat social media as a support channel, you multiply the paths customers can take to reach you. And when you make customer support seamless and consistent across all channels, you end up with the Omni-channel customer experience. Gather feedback to keep customers engaged and engage customers to know their feedback.

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